:: Pneumatic Lifts

:: Wheel Truing & Balance Stand
:: Fuel Pump
:: Carburetor
:: Engine Cover
:: Stands
:: Cam
:: Steering
:: Electric
:: Clutch
:: Oil Filter
:: Flywheel
:: Others
:: Piston
:: Wheel
:: Engine Stand
:: Suspension
:: Transmission
:: Universal
:: Valves
:: Spark Plug
:: Crankshaft

:: Workbench
:: Rubber Mats
:: Tool Holder Panel
:: Carts


In 1981 SILMAR activities started in the city of Americana, Sao Paulo state with only two partners producing a single product used on the automobile line, vastly used for alignment of damaged cars on body shops. During eight years this product was the flagship of the company.

Since 1989, after analyzing the lack of tools and equipments for motorcycle workshops, SILMAR started the production of motorcycle lifts. The first lift model was hydraulic with tilting arms and articulated ramp, equipped with a lock-wheels system. It's hydraulic system surpassed all existing at the time. Since then Silmar has been manufacturing and distributing lifts throughout Brazil and now also abroad.

Today SILMAR offers its customers a line with approximately 1,800 items, enough to equip a modern workshop, practical and able to meet all makes and models of motorcycles on the National market. Within its product line, there is a motorcycle stand, with elevation by pantograph system for better performance and convenience.

SILMAR line of products consists of special and conventional tools for motorcycles, mechanical and electrical equipment, stands, washing machines, panels for tools, service counters, cabinets, etc.

In addition, SILMAR offers a line of accessories with over 200 items of domestically manufactured and imported products to meet of Speed and Off Road motorcycles segment.

SILMAR is a pride provider of the country's leading motorcycle manufacturers, including for their use in training centers, after-sales and warranty departments.

Currently SILMAR also offers development solutions in the areas of design, machining, welding and industrial assemblies using always intelligent solutions, high-standard quality, with low cost and the best customer services.

The industrial park, with approximately 1.500 m2, counts with high-precision machinery, as conventional lathes and milling machines, press brakes and shears, press line and industrial assembly. The metrology laboratory uses all necessary equipment to ensure excellence in the fabrication process and product conformity. The engineering department is qualified to develop the most varied designs.

Today SILMAR employ 32 experienced professionals in the administration, engineering, industrial process, quality control, shipping and customer services departments.


Our Company aims to profit and sustainability, offering innovative products and organization solutions, with quality and fair prices, to ensure its customers and partners satisfaction.


Maintain national leadership in our market segment, offering innovative products and organization solutions, with quality and at a fair price.

Be recognized in the automotive and industrial markets with the same representation, surpassing limits and adding value to our customers and partners.


Ethics, transparency and professionalism in all our actions and relationships, either as vendor, customer and especially as an employer are our core values.

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